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Terms & Conditions

Rassoi home food understands the importance of keeping your information confidential and secure. The information we collect may include your personal details such as your name, phone number, email address, purchase preferences, and bank account details, all of which can be used to identify you as a particular individual. Therefore, we make it our highest priority to ensure that your information is handled with the utmost care and is used responsibly. By using our services, or by submitting user data to us or our partners, you accept and consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your information.

Rassoi home food may collect your personal information
(i) when you register an account
(ii) when you make in-app purchases
(iii) when you participate in contests, competitions and surveys
(iv) when you contact us
(v) when you submit content in the form of testimonials and customer reviews and
(vi) from third-party sources such as credit checking agencies.

Rassoi home food may use your personal information for
(i) registering your account with us
(ii) for fulfilling orders
(iii) for responding to your queries and
(iv) for improving your Rassoi home food experience by providing information pertaining to our services, special offers, and promotions. Rassoi home food will only share your information with carefully selected third-party partners for business administration, delivery, marketing, operational and analytical purposes. Rassoi home food may also share your information with third parties for the purpose of data analysis, quality assurance, and fraud prevention.

Rassoi home food uses state-of-the-art technology and security measures (electronic, physical and procedural) to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your information during its collection, storage and disclosure. Such measures include maintaining a secure encryption-based transmission system, intrusion detection and prevention software and virus software.

When you use the app/service through your mobile device, and only if you have consented thereto, we will use your geo-location information. We use this information on a real-time basis to allow users to view service options around them. We may also use this information to address user support, technical, or business issues that may arise in during the course of your app usage.


“The Agreement” refers to this contract along with all schedules and annexures (if any);

References to a “Participating CHEF/ VENDOR” shall include such party’s successors, employees, permitted assignees and any person(s) deriving the title under it;

The descriptive headings of clauses are inserted solely for the convenience of reference and are not intended as complete or accurate descriptions of the content of such clauses; and can be further defined in separate annexures.


This Agreement along with the registration form sets forth the terms of services under which the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR may be identified as a vendor to the users. The Agreement shall come into effect for the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR or any authorized agent of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR upon realization of

Consideration (Effective Date). By agreeing to the terms of services, the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR shall be deemed to have consented to the Agreement.



Registration fees 1650/- included GST for kitchen center (witch is non refundable).
This Agreement herein may be terminated with the prior notice of 2 months.
Then after on new customer add we take 170 /box as security deposit (@ refundable cost in complete Tiffin boxes only).
Provide one account payee chq. With the name of company.


Rassoi home food currently disseminates information to the users through various platforms such as emails, SMS, push notifications, telephone & the Internet. Rassoi home food may, at its discretion, cease to provide information over any of the above platforms/provide information over other platforms/modify the manner in which information is provided over any of the existing platforms, as it may deem fit, from time to time.


Plan listings refer to the various meal plan listings that the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR/  can opt for.

The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR/  agrees that they shall choose from the categories mentioned above. Rassoi home food reserves the right to change the aforesaid category listing options by adding, deleting, modifying or merging any categories. In the event that the category opted for by the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR/  is no longer available, Rassoi home food shall endeavor to allot a similar category to them. The final decision-making power with regard to category listings shall, however, vest in Rassoi home food and such a decision shall be final and binding for the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR/ .


The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR ensures smooth communication with users.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR maintains the quality of goods/products/ingredients/service.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR shall oversee aspects such as menu planning, order costs, hygiene and sanitation.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR ensures that no additives such as artificial colorants and preservatives are used in the meal.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR must take great effort to prevent any contamination whatsoever and ensure that all goods and services sold by them through Rassoi home food are of supreme quality.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR ensures safety and sanitation; by making sure that the kitchen, kitchen equipment, packaging material, storage etc. are all up to health code standards.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR must serve the food as per the schedule.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR must develop and standardize recipes to bring about consistency.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR ensures to recognize and meet all deadlines and expectations of the users.
The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR ensures to share details of ingredients


Rassoi home food reserves the right to charge and recover from the user, on behalf of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR, fee for availing the Rassoi home food services.

All payment transactions carried out between Rassoi home food, its users and Participating CHEF / VENDOR will be through electronic bank transfers, cheques and e-wallets.

Payments will be made to the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR on a weekly cycle. Rassoi home food shall strive to settle the payment on every 7th day. Rassoi home food will not be liable in any manner for delays arising from technical or third party dependencies.


Rassoi home food will issue a payment receipt to the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR containing the following details:
Total amount payable for all the dates with bookings for each week.
List of users, order dates, order numbers, order quantity for the goods and services provided by the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR.


The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR shall indemnify and hold harmless Rassoi home food, its affiliates, directors, officers, agents and employees from loss and/or damage arising from any claim asserted by any third-party, including any user, due to any action or inaction of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR, its employees or agents. This includes but is not limited to claims pertaining to property, incorrect or false information about the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR that was provided to Rassoi home food and any claims including but not limited to the quality or usefulness of the products or services provided by the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR.


The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR shall keep all information pertaining to the users confidential both, during subsistence of this contract and after its termination. The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR  shall not, without prior written consent of Rassoi home food, transfer (whether for considerations or otherwise) user information to any third-party for no reason whatsoever. The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR is specifically prohibited from using the user information for purposes such as seeking commercial gain. In the event Rassoi home food is made aware of any such practices that are in violation of the terms of contract by the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR, the company shall be entitled to terminate the contract as well as initiate legal proceedings against the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR, as it may deem fit, at its sole discretion and without prejudice to rights available to it under applicable law. Rassoi home food reserves the right to retain, reuse or remove information or knowledge including but not limited to CHEF/ VENDOR ratings, session ratings, user experience, feedback/comments obtained by users or its Participating CHEF/ VENDOR on Rassoi home food platform, unless mentioned otherwise in writing.


Rassoi home food is not liable for any claim owing to any misinterpretation of the information pertaining to the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR as long as the information exhibited/communicated by Rassoi home food conforms to the information made available by the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR or their authorized representative.


Rassoi home food’s interpretation of the Contract shall be final and binding on the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR.

The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR agrees that no joint venture, employment, or agency exists between Participating CHEF/ VENDOR/  and Rassoi home food and the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR  is not entitled to bind Rassoi home food by its actions.

The Participating CHEF/ VENDOR may not assign any rights or obligations against Rassoi home food without Rassoi home food’s prior consent in written format.

Rassoi home food shall not be responsible for any delay or deficiency due to any force majeure events such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil labor strike, labor and other strikes.

Nothing in the Contract obliges or will be deemed to oblige Rassoi home food to provide any credit to the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR.


This Agreement herein may be terminated at any time upon the mutual consent of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR and Rassoi home food. After the deletion of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR account, we will anonymize your data, unless the data is necessary to comply with a legal obligation or resolve disputes. Either party will have the right to terminate the contract by giving a notice of at least 30 days in writing to the other party.

These Terms, including any annexures, along with the form hereto forms a single Contract between the parties hereto and constitute the entire understanding between the parties with regard to the subject matter hereof and supersede any other Contract between the parties relating to the subject matter hereof.


No waiver by any party or any terms or condition of the Contract, in any one or more instances, shall be deemed to be or construed as a waiver of the same or any other term or condition of the Contract on any future occasion.

Empanelment Form

In order to provide the best food experience to our discerning customers and ensure a fulfilling experience for you, we have listed below the terms of your engagement with us. This agreement becomes valid on the day of signing it and will remain valid until it is explicitly canceled in writing by either party.



This Agreement herein may be terminated at any time upon the mutual consent of the Participating CHEF/ VENDOR and Rassoi home food. CHEF/ VENDORs who shall back out without prior notice and mutual understanding between both the parties stand the risk of paying a penalty equivalent to Rs. 5000/-, the cost associated with their onboarding.


Availability & Schedule

It is the responsibility of the CHEF/ VENDOR to inform us of their weekly schedule no later than 5:00 pm every Tuesday, the preceding week. Rassoi home food reserves the right to schedule you for any day and meal time communicated by you. Our preferred method of communication via the CHEF/ VENDOR’s App.

Schedules are available on the CHEF/ VENDOR Dashboard by Saturday morning the preceding week.

Final Numbers & Meal Pick-up

Order numbers for the following day’s lunch order are confirmed by 10:30 am and dinner orders by 5:00 pm.

Meal pick-up time is determined by the hub manager of the Rassoi home food hub you supply to. Typical pick-up timings for lunch are between 11:30am-12:30pm and 6:00-7:00 pm for dinner orders, based on proximity to the hub.

The pre-order basis functioning of a hub will only will defer to the CHEF/ VENDOR’s convenience when determining pickup time.



Rassoi home food is about food that is fresh, delicious and imparts a ‘home-made’ feel. CHEF/ VENDORs are encouraged to source required ingredients as per the recipe that is tasted and enlisted by the Rassoi home food team only from reliable sources.

Please ensure that only the freshest, top-quality ingredients are used to prepare your signature dishes. Avoid the use of frozen and processed ingredients, food coloring, MSG and other preservatives, taste enhancers or additives in your dishes. Ensure that the cuts of meat, fish and poultry used to come from reliable sources and are of superior quality.

We prohibit the use of wings and neckpieces for poultry dishes and suggest using clean cuts of meats that when cooked are easy to eat.

Food Quality & Quantity

Quality – Please make sure that your signature dishes are consistent and of superior quality. As a premium food network, customer satisfaction is paramount at Rassoi home food. During instances wherein the Rassoi home food quality assurance team determines any customer complaint as genuine, the CHEF/ VENDOR will have to replace the food at their own cost. Rassoi home food reserves the right to replace the food within five days, either sourced from you or other CHEF/ VENDOR, as the situation might demand, and deduct the cost from the amount due to the CHEF/ VENDOR. If the food item cannot be replaced, Rassoi home food reserves the right to deduct the cost from the amount due to you.

Tasting Sample – All CHEF/ VENDORs are agreed to provide one portion of food (Lunch/Dinner) in every two months for the Rassoi home food quality control team to taste and sample. We reserve the right to send dishes to a lab for additional quality testing if required.

Liability – You, as the creator of the meal, will take all responsibilities for any eventualities, and or other legal issues that might arise. Rassoi home food will not be accountable for any legal issues connected to the quality or quantity of meals served through our network.

Quantity – Please ensure that each order meets the Rassoi home food guidelines listed in the CHEF/ VENDOR’s Handbook provided. A full meal should weigh in at approximately 300 grams. Quantity-related customer complaints can result in a deduction of the cost from the amount due to you.

Packing – The packaging material provided to you is for Rassoi home food use only. CHEF/ VENDORs found misusing packaging for personal use will be charged for the same. We urge you to store all packaging materials in a clean and hygienic environment. Every non liquid food item should be packed in foil papers only, salad, pickle, Mouth freshener is must in every Box of Lunch& Dinner



Some recipes are protected with copyrights. Ensure that you do not breach any such copyrights. Any issues raised, legally or otherwise, would not come in the purview of Rassoi home food.

Rassoi home food reserves the right to capture CHEF/ VENDOR recipes for the purposes of scaling, sourcing and replication. We reserve the rights to any recipes developed.


All the pictures & videos of food that is published on Rassoi home food site shall be the property of Rassoi home food.

Rassoi home food can provide all CHEF/ VENDORs watermarked copies of their pictures to be shared via social media email and other channels


Daily/Weekly Feedback

CHEF/ VENDORs are entitled to weekly feedback about their items. The same will be shared when requested or once a week – whichever comes first.

Feedback processes ensure a greater level of consistency and quality, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Product Rating

CHEF/ VENDORs being featured on Rassoi home food are expected to ensure that only the highest quality product is served each day. Dishes with a product rating of fewer than three stars will be discontinued by the Rassoi home food network.

Sell Percentage

Rassoi home food requests that CHEF/ VENDORs take an active interest in the sales of their dishes. Dishes with a sold percentage of less than 70% will be discontinued by the Rassoi home food network.

CHEF/ VENDORs with an average sell percentage of less than 70% may be terminated from the network with a two-week notice.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Rassoi home food offers all customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Any customer with verified complaints will be refunded the meal amount, which will be deducted from the CHEF/ VENDOR’s payment.



Base Pricing

Base pricing is determined at the time of tasting and photo-shoot, and remains in effect for a period of one financial quarter.

Variable Pricing

When fulfilling a bulk order, or any order above six items, Rassoi home food follows a variable pricing structure. Variable pricing structure recognizes that the cost of producing certain items decreases when produced in larger numbers and the cost savings are thus passed on to customers.


Rassoi home food reserves the right to terminate the agreement if a CHEF/ VENDOR’s performance drops below Rassoi home food standards specified in this document.

Rassoi home food is about you and your culinary skills and we hope to have our customers enjoy your cooking. However, in the unfortunate event of termination of this agreement due to breach of any of the above clauses or reasons for which you would not be able to cook for Rassoi home food customers, please ensure that your engagement is terminated with a two-week notice and all published menus are fulfilled Liabilities – Lunch box will be provided by company in a minimum cost as per customers taking services on Rassoi home food Platform, CHEF/ VENDORs will be responsible for Lunch box in case of damage and lost,

Payments –

CHEF/ VENDOR Payments will be made on a weekly basis via bank transfer/wallet only. Requests for cash payments will not be entertained.

 Commission Structure –

Rassoi home food will charge 20 to 25% + GST as a commission as per the below category on CHEF/ VENDORs total billing as per price mention by CHEF/ VENDOR. The commission will vary according to market evaluation.

Professional CHEF/ VENDORs – 20% -25% Commission.
Restaurant CHEF/VENDORs -25% Commission (with 2499/- Registration fees).
Home CHEF/ VENDORs- 20% Commissions +GST EXCLUDED.

Mess- 15% Commissions ( in mess category delivery services will not be done by a company ).
The company has the right to change in commission structure from time to time.

            We do not guarantee minimum orders for any dishes. Orders and demand are purely based on market forces and the quality of the product. However, we will constantly market and its products by leveraging different platforms and means of advertising.

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